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Kemesta Association

Chemical, Forest, Paint and Rubber Industry Standardization in Finland

Kemesta is the chemical, forest, paint and rubber industry standardization association in Finland.

Kemesta is responsible for coordinating the national work in the field of chemical, forest, paint and rubber industry standardization, both at the European (CEN) and international (ISO) level. Kemesta is a standards writing body of Finnish Standards Association SFS.

Kemesta is responsible for 25 CEN and 20 ISO technical committees and 32 ISO subcommittees. National standardization committees have been set up for following and participating in European and International standardization work and for the preparation of national SFS standards.

Following organizations are the memebers of Kemesta:

  • Chemical Industry Federation of Finland
  • Finnish Forest Industry Federation
  • Association of Finnish Paint Industry
  • Rubber Manufacturers’ Association of Finland

Kemesta association was established at the beginning of 2013. Members of Board during 2023 – 2024 are:

  • Managing Director Mika Aalto, Chemical Industry Federation of Finland, Chairman
  • Director Maarit Lindström, Finnish Forest Industry Federation
  • Managing Director Sami Nikander, Rubber Manufacturers’ Association of Finland

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